How can I add student accounts in bulk/by CSV upload?


    Please note: this option is only available to the Access Coordinator and Teacher Admins.

    The CSV import provides a quick way to upload students in one go. You can download the template by going into the Admin Hub, going to the blue 'Students' tab, and clicking on 'Import CSV'. From there, choose the option 'Download a template':

    Only the following columns in the CSV are mandatory to create student accounts –
    A (Action), C (User Type), D (User Name/Email), F (First Name), H (Last Name) and K (Access to application)

    You may leave everything else blank.

    • Enter A (for ‘add’) in column A
    • Enter S (for ‘student’) in column C
    • Enter a username for each student in column D. You may prefer to copy/paste login credentials from your school management system, or create new IDs for your students. The username must be at least six characters long and not contain any spaces. If you are employing students' email addresses as usernames, you will not need to enter a password, as this will be set by the student when they receive a confirmation email. If the usernames are not email addresses, you will be able to set passwords.
    • Enter a password for each student in column E (only if usernames are not email addresses - if they are, any password you enter here will be ignored).  We recommend you keep this as simple as possible to make it easy to remember. The password must be at least six characters long and not contain any spaces.
    • Enter the first name and last name for each student in columns F and H respectively. Column G (middle name) is optional.
    • In column K, add a ‘Y’ if you wish to grant the student access to AutoMaths, or ‘N’ if you would like to add them to your centre’s user database, but without access to AutoMaths.

    The example below highlights what the compulsory fields of the template would look like - rows 1-5 show what you need to fill in for a username account, and rows 6-11 for those with an email address. 

    Once you have completed your template, save the file to your desktop, and then go back to the Admin Hub. Choose 'Import CSV', choose the file, and then choose 'Upload the CSV': 


    Any errors in the file will be reported back to you so that you can make any required changes within the error report, before re-uploading only the students that failed to upload. 

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