Practice Questions


    Practice questions allow you to test your maths knowledge and understanding or having your results submitted to your 'Results' section - you can use it to practice in your own time. 

    To access our question database for practice, click on the red 'Find questions' button on your dashboard:


    On the next screen, you can use the search bar to search for a particular question or topic, scroll through the listings of questions. Selecting a question from the left will make it appear on the right hand side. 


    The coloured indicators show the following:

    Green: difficulty level
    Yellow: area of maths
    Blue: topic
    Purple: fixed/static or randomised question type

    Below these, bullet points list the topic and sub-topic:


    Your practice question may have more than one part. This is indicated underneath the question name. Please note: although the possible number of marks is indicated, this does not function in this practice mode as no marks are awarded:  


    Please also note: you will need to submit your answer or choose 'Reveal answers' to progress on to the next sub-part of a question. 

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