The Access Coordinator


    When an order is placed for Rising Stars Assessment Online, the person placing the order will be required to nominate someone at your school to become the Access Coordinator.

    This role ensures all your data is secure by approving new teacher accounts, and revoking access/deleting those who have left. The role can be carried out by anyone appropriate within your school. It is not a time-consuming role and does not require any specialised IT skills; it’s simply a way of protecting your school’s data.

    The Access Coordinator will be responsible for the basic set up of your school, such as setting up your year group and or a sync with your MIS. If you have been nominated, you will receive an email to accept this role. 

    Please notethere can only be one Access Coordinator. However, you can set up as many Teacher Admins and Teachers as you require. Depending on what you want staff to be able to do in MARK, you may find it helpful to set them up as Teacher Admins. For more guidance on these account types and what they can do within MARK, please see our Roles and permissions article here

    How do I find out who my Access Coordinator is? 

    If you try to access your school's MARK account without having been approved by your current Access Coordinator, you will receive a notice to allow you to request authorisation from the Access Coordinator. 


    If you're already signed into MARK, you can check who your Access Coordinator is by selecting the Admin Hub (the green icon in the top right hand corner. On the green teacher's tab, the Access Coordinator is denoted by AC under 'Type'. 

    How do I change our school's Access Coordinator for MARK? 

    For guidance on how the current Access Coordinator can nominate someone else for the role, or if you require assistance where your Access Coordinator has left the school/is not contactable, please click here
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