Group reports: year groups, classes, groups or contextual groups


    A group report allows you to compare year groups, classes, groups or contextual groups.

    Ensure that ‘All year groups’, ‘All classes’, ‘All groups’ or ‘All contextual groups’ is selected in the dropdown menu at the top of the ‘Report’ page:


    The results from the most recent survey will appear automatically in the first column in the box below this for every year group, class, group or contextual group that have taken the survey.


    If you want to choose a different survey instance to review or compare different survey attempts side by side, you can click the survey name and use the dropdown menu. You can compare up to 3 surveys at one time.


    In this section you can see an overview of how groups have performed across the dimensions, with the proportional boxes representing the number of pupils within each zone.


    Clicking on a year group, class, group or contextual group name will show you a list of all the pupils who make up the group:


    Untick the boxes next to the year groups, classes, groups or contextual groups that you do not want to show in the dimension reports.

    For every group report, an aggregate graph for the groups that are ticked will automatically appear in the dimension report. Untick this box if you do not want to include this.


    Scroll down to see your group report which is divided by dimension: Positivity, Self-efficacy, Motivation and Resilience and persistence. You can navigate the report view by using these tabs; you also have the option to look at your results at a sub-dimension level too by using the yellow tabs beneath the ‘About the report’ box.

    Note that there are not any sub-dimensions for the ‘Resilience & persistence’ dimension.


    In the report view you will see a proportional representation of the numbers of pupils in each of the red, amber and green zones for every dimension/sub-dimension, with a percentage breakdown and numbers of pupils, given in brackets, to the right of the bars.

    Clicking on any of the zones will load a list of all the pupils within that zone, depending on the group selection you are looking at:


    Every report can be saved as a PDF or as a spreadsheet:


    You can save a report for each dimension separately and you have the option to choose which sub-dimensions that you would like included in the PDF:


    You can create group reports for up to 3 survey instances at a time so that you can track your pupil’s progress. Use the drop-down menus to select which survey instances you would like to compare and report on:


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