Preparing to use Wellbeing and Attitudes to Learning


    When you log in to Wellbeing and Attitudes to Learningthe first page you will see is the ‘Prepare’ section of the site.

    Take a look our 'Getting Started' video below, or read on for further guidance on preparing to use Wellbeing and Attitudes to Learning. 

    Here you’ll find all the resources you need to support your use of Wellbeing and Attitudes to Learning in your school. Hovering over a resource will generate a tooltip which will give you a short overview of the content before you download the file:


    Note that the videos can only be watched in the platform and cannot be downloaded. Captions can be enabled on the videos by clicking the 3 dots, if required:


    Before you begin to use the platform, make sure you have completed setting up pupils and teachers in your school as users in the Admin hub so that they can use the site.

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