How to assign a survey


    Please note: the below screens require that pupils/classes/groups have been added to your Wellbeing and Attitudes to Learning Admin Hub and be active for access. If you require guidance on this, please click here.

    The ‘Assign’ screen allows you to assign the Wellbeing and Attitudes to Learning survey to year groups, classes, groups or contextual groups (note if you only want to assign the survey to individual pupils, first search by their year group, class, group or contextual group). 


    Take a look at our helpful video for guidance on assigning services, or continue reading: 

    Once you have made your selection and clicked apply, you will see a list of the pupils in the relevant year group, class, group or contextual group:


    Either assign the survey to each pupil individually by clicking the button next to their name, or assign to the whole year group, class etc. at once by clicking the button at the bottom of the column ‘Assign to [number] pupils’:



    To search for a specific pupil within a year group, class, group or contextual group, use the ‘Filter pupils’ box:


    Follow these steps for every year group, class, group or contextual group you would like to assign the survey to.

    Re-naming your survey assignments

    You have the option to name every survey assignment. By default, the name that appears will be the relevant term (Autumn, Spring, Summer) followed by the year. To change this, click the assignment name at the top of the appropriate column, you can then type any name you like.

    If multiple year groups, classes or groups are taking a survey in your school at the same time, we advise keeping the assignment names the same so that you can more easily compare results on the 'Report' page. 


    Move on to: Previewing the survey

    Please also see: How to delete survey assignments or results 


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