How pupils access and take the survey


    To take the survey every pupil will need access to a computer, laptop or tablet. For specific browser requirements please go here. Ensure pupils have access to headphones, if required, so that they can listen to the questions and answer options.

    You can view our helpful video guide below, or continue reading for further guidance on how pupils access and take the survey.

    Either you or the pupils will need to enter your centre’s specific URL into their web browser to access the survey, this will need to be done on every computer, laptop or tablet. You can find the URL in the ‘Taking the survey’ section on the ‘Assign’ page:


    In this section you will also find your centre’s unique code which pupils will need to type into the survey’s welcome screen. It might be helpful to write this on a whiteboard before you start the session.

    You have the option to change your schools code at any time by clicking ‘Change code’. This can be done once a year, as you wish, in order to ensure pupil data remains secure.

    If a new code is generated, make sure that anyone who may have already assigned the survey for their year group or class is told, to ensure pupils can access the survey when their session is run, as the old code will no longer run. 

    The steps for pupils to access the survey are as follows:

    1. Pupils enter the five-letter code which is unique to your centre:
    2. Pupils then enter their birthday date and month:

      If a pupil enters their birthday incorrectly, or the survey hasn’t been assigned to them, they will see an error message. Check their details and ensure that a survey has been assigned to them on the ‘Assign’ screen.

    3. Once they have entered their birthday, pupils just need to choose their name from those that appear onscreen and click next:
    4. Pupils will then see the welcome screen where they can read and/or listen to some instructions about the survey. Clicking start will take them to the first question.

    The survey has audio for every question which pupils can listen to by clicking the yellow audio buttons.

    Once they have chosen an answer they will be taken straight to the next question, but can use the ‘Back’ and ‘Next’ buttons to navigate through questions if they want to change an answer.

    The survey will continually auto-save whilst pupils are answering questions to ensure the data is stored. There is a green light under every pupil’s name on the survey screen which will turn red if the wifi/internet connection is lost at any point:

    If the status of a survey changes to ‘Offline’ at any point, check the computer’s internet connection and use the refresh button to reload the webpage.

    Please note: the questions will be randomised for each pupil, so they will all see the questions in a different order. This limits the opportunity for children to copy from one another and will ensure that they aren't influenced by those sitting next to them. 

    Clicking ‘Submit survey’ at the end of the survey will end the session:


    And pupils will see this final screen:


    Once your pupils have taken the survey, take a look at our reports section for more information about the available reports for Wellbeing. 

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