Year groups and classes


    Please note: only the Access Coordinator can access the 'School' tab. The Access Coordinator and Teacher Admins can edit details on the 'classes' and 'year group settings' tabs. 

    Once logged in, the Access Coordinator should click on the green icon in the top right hand corner to access the Admin Hub for Wellbeing:


    Year groups and year group settings

    The 'Year group settings' tab under the 'School' tab holds your school's year group naming conventions across any Hodder Education sites your school have access to, including Wellbeing. 

    Those year groups with a tick beside them will denote those that are active within your school account.  

    Please note that any changes you make here will also affect other sites, such as MARK


    Teacher admins and Access coordinators can also make amendments on the 'Year groups' tab. This shows the year groups active for use in Wellbeing specifically which are set to year 3, 4, 5, and 6 by default as the resource is only available for KS2. 


    If you click on a year group to highlight it and select 'view/edit, you can view or edit the name, description and the pupils within the year group using the listings to add or remove pupils as required. 


    To set up or manage your school's class structure (class names and associated year groups). Please note, if you have any current classes set up in one of our other Hodder Education sites, such as MARK, you will see these listed here also. 

    To create a new class, select 'New class' from the bottom right hand corner:


    You will then be asked to give your class a name, and you can also add an optional description: 


    There is no longer any need to assign an intake year to each class in MARK, you simply need to add the class name and description. You can create as many classes as you need. 

    To amend the details of a class, select a class to highlight it. You can change the name, description and the pupils within the class using the listings to add or remove pupils as required. 

    Mixed Intake Classes

    Classes can include children from multiple year groups.  If you have classes with mixed intake years, you can select pupils from other year groups to include in one class when populating its members.


    For a class with Year 5 and Year 6 pupils you can set up one class. In the example below, we are populating a Year 6 class with a few members from Year 5:


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