Groups: bespoke and contextual groups


    In the Groups tab you can set up and edit groups of pupils to help you when filtering for marksheets, reports, etc. Unlike year groups and classes, this is not a required part of your Wellbeing setup, but it may help you when assigning surveys and creating reports as pupils can be part of more than one group at the same time. You can access these from the orange 'Groups' tab within the Admin Hub: 


    The two tabs underneath are 'Groups' (also known as 'Bespoke groups'), and 'Contextual groups'. 

    Bespoke groups

    The listing will display all groups created within your school's Admin Hub - so you may see groups created within other sites your school has subscriptions to, such as MARK, My Rising Stars or Dynamic Learning. You can click on 'origin' to group the listing by the site they were created in, if you only what to see what has been created for Wellbeing.

    Groups are not associated with intake years, so they can contain pupils from different classes and intakes.  Groups can be set up manually used the below steps when you select the ‘New group’ button:

    1. Enter a name for the group
    2. Give your group a useful description (optional)
    3. Appoint an owner for this group
    4. Once the group has been created, you can assign pupils to it by using the ‘Populate group’ button. Before assigning pupils, you will need to have created the pupils in Wellbeing: 


    Contextual groups

    The second tab within Groups lists your Contextual groups. Contextual groups are automatically created based on the contextual information fields on each pupil’s profile. 


    For each contextual piece of information on the pupil profile a new group per year group will be created if there are members to populate it. These groups cannot be amended, unless the relevant contextual information is updated within at least one pupil record. 


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