NTS Mathematics and NTS Reading: pupil reporting


    Individual Pupil Report

    This report shows the performance of an individual pupil on their most recently taken test.

    Use for:

    • Analysis of specific areas of strengths and weakness, by national curriculum strand
    • Fine monitoring of predicted progress over the coming year
    • Parents’ evening reporting

    The first page features an overall performance graph showing the Standardised Score on the test, allowing a quick visual representation of how the pupil is performing against the national average for his or her year group: 


    The summary data shows:

    • The date the test was taken
    • The pupil’s age at the time of the test
    • Raw score
    • The average score of the standardisation cohort for the gender of the child
    • Standardised score
    • Age-standardised score
    • NTS Scale
    • Reading/Mathematics age


    The second section shows the pupil’s performance by strand. The summary data shows:

    • The date the test was taken
    • The pupil’s raw score by strand out of maximum number of marks

    The final information shown is the pupil’s predicted score on the NTS Scale for the next two terms.

    Please note for predicted scores for the NTS scale in the Individual pupil report:

    If you are using the NTS Assessments Individual pupil reports during Autumn term 2019 the predicted scores displayed on the NTS scale will be for the next (Spring) paper and for the following Autumn paper. This is because we are still collating the summer data from our standardisation cohort that informs predictions for the summer paper to come. We will update this in January 2020 so that from the Spring testing window any individual pupil reports generated will display predicted scores on the NTS scale for the coming Summer, Autumn and following Spring papers, as is already available in the PIRA and PUMA individual pupil reports.


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