Test data sharing with FFT Aspire Pupil Tracking


    FFT and RS Assessment have been working closely to integrate RS Assessment’s popular PiRA, PUMA, GAPS and new NTS standardised tests within Aspire Pupil Tracking. 

    Working together we’re leading the way in making data integration as easy as possible. Our latest development links Aspire Pupil Tracking to RS Assessment’s MARK system – all your assessment data can now be fully synced with no need for manual data entry or uploads! If you require more information regarding FFT Aspire Pupil Tracking, we have a number of FAQs answered here

    PLEASE NOTE: If you wish to share test data from MARK into FFT Aspire Pupil tracker we strongly advise you sync your pupil data using our MIS user sync options (for more information about our available MIS sync options, click here).

    This is because the UPN is required to match test data from MARK with pupils set up in FFT Aspire Pupil tracker. If you do not want to wish to sync with your MIS, you will need to manually upload your pupils’ UPNs when using the CSV template in Admin Hub.

    To get started and sync all of your test data from MARK into Aspire Pupil Tracking, the Access Coordinator will need to follow the step by step guidance below.

    1. Sign into MARK, and open up the Admin Hub by selecting the icon with the spanner in the top right hand corner. 

    2. Select the turquoise 'School' tab, and then the 'Data sharing' sub-tab. Under the FFT icon, select 'Configure'



    3. When you click ‘Configure’ a dialog will open to show you which data items you want to share from MARK into FFT Aspire Pupil Tracker. You must tick these and click ‘OK’ before any data will show in FFT.

    If you do not have UPNs against your pupil records in MARK, you will be notified of this on this screen, as shown below, in red. 


    You can deselect these preferences to stop the sharing of data at any time under this panel. 

     Data held in MARK is now ready to sync with Aspire Pupil Tracking. To complete the setup: 

    4. Login to Aspire Pupil Tracking and select ‘Create & edit assessments’


    5. Select ‘Import assessments':


    6. Check for updates to ensure all of your pupils are up to date and in line with the school MIS. Select RS Assessment as the test provider and start importing data:



    7. The number of assessments available to import are then shown and can be seen in more detail (test data from previous academic years are also imported):


    8. You can check all the details from each test below and click on ‘Select all’ then import


    9. Your setup is now complete. Assessments are now available to analyse in Aspire Pupil Tracking. Where termly tests have been taken by several year groups within a key stage we merge these into one assessment which can be analysed together: 


    If you have any queries or require more information on Aspire Pupil Tracking please contact the FFT support team on by email at support@fft.org.uk or by telephone on 01446 776262. We also have a number of FAQs answered here

    If you have any queries or require more information on RS Admin Hub or MARK please contact the support team by submitting a support request here, and one of our agents will assist you further. 


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