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    When a teacher registers against your school on Hodder Education they will be able to sign in to AutoMaths, but won’t be able to access features that contain any student information without being approved by the Access Coordinator. 

    If they try to select anything that would contain student data, such as the Admin Hub icon, they will receive a message like the below. They will also have the opportunity to send an email reminder to the Access Coordinator, requesting access. 


    The Access Coordinator will then receive an email with a link to grant the user full access. 

    Alternatively, if there are any users with limited access, the Access Coordinator will receive the below screen when they log in, giving them the option to either provide them with 'full access', or 'no access'. Selecting the latter will automatically revoke their access, and the user will not be able to log into AutoMaths at all. 


    If the Access Coordinator chooses 'Continue to AutoMaths', without determining a user's access permissions, they will remain with 'Limited Access' status. 

    The Access Coordinator can also review this in the Admin Hub under the green 'Teachers' tab, and selecting the applicable user, and either choosing 'Grant full access' or 'Revoke Access'.  If there are no users with 'Limited Access' status, this tab will not be visible: 





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