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    Wonde are used by many of the leading edtech companies to connect and synchronise their software with the different MIS providers used by schools. Wonde is installed in over 16,000 schools across the UK, Australia and many British International Schools. For more information on how Wonde can help you securely manage your MIS data please see


    You can sync your school’s MIS with MARK via Wonde. It’s free to set up and cuts out the need to add teachers and pupils to MARK manually. 

    The below articles will guide you through the process step-by-step:

    1. Things to check before setting up your sync
    2. Setting up your connection to Wonde
    3. Syncing your teachers
    4. Syncing your year groups and classes
    5. Syncing your pupils

    Wonde supports all major MIS providers, these include: SIMS, ScholarPack, WCBS, Arbor, iSAMS, Progresso, Double First Engage, Facility CMIS, Bromcom, Pupil Asset, Teacher Centre, SchoolBase, SchoolPod, VSware. If you don't have a compatible MIS, you will need to set up MARK manually - you can find guidance on how to do this here

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