Can I register my students and give them a copy of the Student eTextbook at the same time?


    Please note: to use this, self-registration must be turned on by your User Manager for Dynamic Learning. This can be selected by the User Manager in the dropdown arrow by their name, under 'User Preferences'. 

    If your students have their own email addresses where they can receive and access emails sent to them, you can use an access link to allow students to register by email, and get a copy of the eTextbook in the same action to potentially save you some time. 

    Please note: this means that students will be in charge of their own passwords through a password reset email. If you wish to control their passwords yourselves, you will need to create username-based accounts and then allocate the eTextbook. 

    To do this, select 'Allocate' beneath the title you wish to share: 


    If you have more than one level of access for a particular eTextbook (as in the example below, where there are 1, 2, and 3 year copies), please ensure you select the length of access you wish to give your students. Then, select 'create access link':


    This will give you a URL that you can give to students directly; we would recommend sending it to them via email, so that you can simply copy and paste it into the email body: 


    Please note: if more students use the link than there are copies available, then any students registering after the copies are gone will have an account, but they will not be allocated a copy. If you have complete run out, you will need to purchase further copies. 

    Then, when the students copy and paste that link into a browser, they will be able to select 'Register':


    They will need to fill out their details, including the email address they want to use for the account: 


    They will then receive an email to the address stated to create their password. Once they log in, a copy of the eTextbook will be assigned to them, ready for them to use: 


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