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    If your school has bought certain print resources from us, they may also come with digital access to the online material. These can all be accessed by signing into your school's dashboard on Rising Stars. 

    My Rising Stars is a dashboard for teachers that provides access to all of the digital resources that your school has purchased. These include subscriptions and permanent access to resources with associated digital content. You can also favourite resources from our 'free stuff' section, so they are easy to find on your dashboard.

    How do I access my school's Rising Stars resources?

    Teachers can register with their school email address on the Rising Stars website using the register link in the top right hand corner of the website. You will need to link yourself to your school to access all of the resources your school has purchased or subscribed to by selecting 'Register with your school':


    You will then see a simple dashboard with icons that link to all of your available resources. 

    Some of our resources will lead you to our platform-site, My Rising Stars, which hosts specific resource titles. When you click on their icon, it will take you to the login screen for the site. To log in, you just need to use your Rising Stars credentials, as all our sites are inter-linked. 

    Please note: when logging in with an email address, you can leave the centre ID field blank. 

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