The User Manager/Access Coordinator


     What is an Access Coordinator and who should take on the role?

    The Access Coordinator is a key role at your institution. This person will keep your data in Dynamic Learning secure by approving all new tutor accounts and deleting those no longer in use. The first time someone at your establishment subscribes to a Dynamic Learning product, they'll be asked to nominate an Access Coordinator (also known as a User Manager in some contexts). 

    We recommend that you nominate your data manager or network administrator as they're best placed for managing user data at an institution level. However, you can nominate anyone at your institution and you can change your nominated Access Coordinator at any time. 

    What is the Access Coordinator responsible for?

    Your Access Coordinator is responsible for keeping all your data secure by approving new tutor accounts in Dynamic Learning, and removing any accounts no longer in use.
    The Access Coordinator is also able to edit Teacher Accounts to Teacher Administrator Accounts. For guidance on how to do this, please go here. If you're looking for more information on our account types and their permissions, please go here

    How does the Access Coordinator approve (or reject) new teacher accounts?

    As the institution’s Access Coordinator, only you can authorise new tutor user accounts as part of the verification process. This helps you to protect all your data. Only authorised teacher accounts can give students access to titles.

    If there are teacher accounts waiting to be approved, then a pop-up dialog box will appear when you log into Dynamic Learning, inviting you to accept or reject new teacher accounts.

    How do I update the current User Manager/Access Coordinator to someone else? 

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