Top tips for taking an interactive test


    We have more specific guidance on taking an interactive test for eFunctional Skills, but here are a few top tips/best practices to remember when taking a test on Dynamic Learning: 

    • We advise reviewing our technical requirements before taking an interactive test. This will ensure that you best mitigate any technical issues occurring during the test due to device/system incompatibility. 

    • You cannot save your work part-way. If you close the pop-window with the test, you will lose any answers you have input, and you will have to start from the beginning when you re-open the test. You must take and submit the test in full before closing the window. Make sure you have enough time to take the test in the one sitting.  

    • To submit your test, all the questions need to be answered (and the question numbers will have turned green to denote this). This will activate the submit button for you to select. 
    • Remember to read the instructions carefully. A question may ask you to specify your answer to 2 decimal points, or answer in a specific measurement, and so on, but the question will give you this guidance where applicable.

    • If a question has multiple parts, remember to answer all parts. Otherwise, the question box will not turn to green. For example, if there are three answer boxes for a question, you will need to answer something for each box. 

    • If you are unsure of what to do after taking a test and you have received your results, ask your tutor for further advice/clarification. 
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