Taking an interactive test/assessment


    If you are enrolled onto eFunctional Skills on Dynamic Learning by your tutor, you will likely have to take an interactive test during your course. These will be displayed in your to-do list, and are denoted by the checkbox/paper icon as per the below screenshot: 


    Before taking an interactive test, we advise reviewing our technical requirements so as to mitigate the chances of any issues occurring during the test. If you are unsure of any of our requirements, please contact our support team before attempting to take a test on Dynamic Learning. 

    Taking the test

    Click on the test you wish to start in your To do list. This will open up the test in a new pop-up window: 


    When you select 'Start', the test will begin. You will need to complete and submit the test in one sitting. If you exit this window, your answers will not be saved and the test will start  from the beginning when you open up the test again. We cannot retrieve test results for those tests which were not submitted before closing the pop-up window. 

    The number of questions will be displayed at the bottom of the test:


    You can use the arrow buttons at the bottom of the test window to move between questions - you do not have to answer them in order, and can return to a question later if you are unsure of the answer. However, you do need to complete all the questions to be able to submit your test (this may mean putting in a guess at an answer, if you are truly stuck on a question). 

    As you move through the test, you will see the question numbers change colour. 

    Blue: you are currently viewing that question
    Blank (no colour): you have not attempted/viewed the question
    Green: you have entered an answer (for all required parts) for the question
    Red: you are missing an answer (for any or all required parts) to the question

    Remember: you must complete all the questions and submit the test before exiting this window, as any progress made will not be saved if you exit this pop-up window without submitting the test. 


    Submitting the test

    To submit your test, all question boxes must be green, as this will activate the submit button. When you're ready to submit your test, select the 'submit' button: 


    You will either immediately receive your results after submitting the test, or if there are any teacher-marked questions, you will be notified of this accordingly: 


    The 'next steps' screen will let you know what to tackle next. If you have any questions, please ask your tutor for further instruction or advice. 

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