Assigning a test manually/starting a learner at a different level


    When you allocate a licence to a learner, they will be given the level 1 Initial Assessment as a default. You may want to start a learner on their course at a higher level Initial Assessment if you already know their level. To do this you follow the same method as assigning a test manually. The test(s) will then appear on the learner's to do list. 

    First make sure you are in the eFunctional Skills package. Select 'Assign Test' from 'Tests & Assessments' on the left hand side: 


    Select the title from the dropdown. If you want to manually assign a learner a particular test for both English and Maths, you will need to do them separately: 


    You can then select the test you wish to assign. The Initial Assessments all start with "Initial Assessment: x ('x' being the level)". 


    Once you've selected a test, you can also select 'Preview test' if you want to preview the content. The preview will open up in a pop-up window: 


    Once you're happy with your test selection, tick the learners you want to assign the test to. You can use the search bar to search for particular student names, or select the 'All students' dropdown to filter by a group if applicable. 

    You can also amend the dates from which a test is available to a learner. If you set a 'From' date in the future, the learner won't see the test in their to-do list until then. 


    When you're happy with your selections, select 'Assign test': 


    Please note:, if you're assigning a learner a different level manually, the level 1 that is assigned as a default will still appear on their to do list. You can either ask your learner to ignore the test listing, or you can remove it via their reports. 


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