Getting started part 2: allocating licences


    Once your learners have been added to Dynamic Learning, you can start them on an eFunctional Skills course by allocating them a licence.

    Once they have taken an Initial Assessment, they will be given an individual learning plan based on their results and level, with further resources and tasks to further their learning. 

    To allocate a licence, click into the eFunctional Skills Reloaded package on your school dashboard. To start them on an Initial Assessment licence, select 'Allocate' beneath the appropriate subject. If your learner needs both English & Maths, you'll need to do this twice: 


    When you select 'Allocate', you will be asked to pick the learners you want to allocate the licence for the package to. You can also filter by groups, if applicable, or use the search bar above the left hand side listing, to find particular learners: 


    Tick the learners you want to give access to, and they will appear on the right hand side listing for 'users with access'. When you are happy with your selections, click 'confirm allocation'. Please remember: when an allocation is made, you cannot reallocate or remove that licence


    The learners will be assigned the Level 1 Initial Assessment by default. If you know a learner's level already, and want to assign them another specific level of test , you will need to assign them the test manually after you have given them access to the licence as instructed above. 



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