You can use Dynamic Learning’s reports functionality to review and monitor the results and progress of your learners, you can generate both group reports and individual learner reports. 

    Group Reports 

    You can access the reports within the e-Functional Skills package from the section called Tests & Assessments, which appears on the left-hand side of the resource icons. Click on ‘Test Reports’, the final option in this section.



    Once you’ve clicked on ‘Test Reports’, you have the option to filter for a particular group of students (see how to set up Groups here). You can choose to filter the tests so that you can see the results of Initial Assessment or Diagnostic tests or follow your learners working at different levels using the Select a Section drop down.



    If you select Entry Level 3, Level 1 or Level 2 you can choose to review progress in particular areas from the Select a Topic drop down.

    Alternatively, you can also keep these options unselected and proceed by clicking the green 'Marksheets & Reports' button. Doing so will show you all the students that have been added to your Admin Hub, and will give you an overview of all of their test results:




    You can export the report details for either the whole group or a selected group of learners using the tabs at the bottom of the screen.

    The Export screen gives you the flexibility to include results from some or all of the levels or just the Initial Assessment, Diagnostic tests or particular topics. You can export the details as either a .CSV file or a Word document.



    Individual Reports

    If you don’t want to review all the group details and are looking to track a particular learner’s progress, you can use the Report tab from the main menu screen to search for a particular learner.



    On the learner’s report, the first tab contains a report of the tests the learner has taken and their results, and the second their to-do list. You can filter the tests by different areas using the tab in the top-right corner.  If you need to keep a record of the learner’s progress and level, you can export the report as a Word document using the tab in the bottom right corner.



    In the To Do list you can see when a particular test is due and you can remove an item from the learner’s personal To Do list if you do not want them to work on a particular area (see how to remove a test here).


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