Why can't I submit my test?


    Prior to taking your test, we'd advise that you check your system requirements. 


    Below are some pointers for users to check if having trouble submitting a test:

    • When attempting to submit your test please check that all questions are in green, all parts must be answered for it to turn green, any which are blank, or in red will not submit.
    • On some devices, a learner may need to select a box, type in their answer, and then click anywhere else on the page to ensure that the system understands the field has fully registered. 
    • If you are having trouble with a dropdown answer not appearing we would ask you input the wrong answer and click anywhere else on the screen. And then go back and put in the correct answer. 
    • We would also suggest zooming out slightly to ensure that all the parts of a question have been answered before moving onto the next question/attempting to submit

    Once all your questions have been answered successfully, this will activate your 'Submit' button


    Still having problems? Please submit a support ticket with our Digital Support team for further advice.

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