Teacher accounts: adding, editing and deleting


    There are three types of teacher accounts on My Rising Stars. To find out more about these types and their permissions for the site, click here.

    This section covers how to create, edit and delete teacher accounts using the Admin Hub. Any approved teacher account can access the Admin Hub by clicking on the icon in the top right hand corner but their account type will determine what they can do within it: 


    About the teacher list

    Teacher accounts are managed on the green 'Teachers' tab. Users on the 'With access to this site' tab will list the users who are able to access My Rising Stars. Those listed on 'Without access' or 'Pending deletion' are not able to access My Rising Stars with their login credentials. 


    The list of teachers can be sorted in ASC/DESC order on any column, and the filter pane will help narrow the results. The Status column records whether the teacher has verified their email address. If the status is email sent, the live link can be used to send a further validation email to that email address.

    Choose from one of the options below to find step-by-step guidance in managing teacher accounts within the Admin Hub.

    1. How do I add a teacher account? 
    2. How do I edit a teacher account?
    3. How do I delete a teacher account? 

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