Basic requirements


    Our minimum requirements are:
    - Broadband Internet access 

    One of the following browsers:

    Firefox: (latest browser version)
    Google Chrome: (latest browser version)
    Safari: (latest version of MacOS)
    Safari (iPad Tablet): IOS11 +

    Adobe Acrobat Reader
    Microsoft Word or suitable alternative
    Microsoft PowerPoint or suitable alternative
    Microsoft Excel or suitable alternative

    Popup blockers

    Some of our My Rising Stars resources open in a popup window or a new tab. To access these, please either allow all popups, or add to your exceptions list in your browser settings.
    Chrome Popup Blocker support
    Safari Popup Blocker Support
    Firefox Popup Blocker support
    Internet Explorer Popup Blocker support


    Tablets/ Mobile Devices 

    All of our My Rising Stars resources can be accessed on a tablet/iPad.

    However to use Reading Planet on an iPad, IOS Support involves launching the book using Safari. IOS 13 requires the user to manually ‘hide’ the toolbar, for the full reading planet controls and content to display – unfortunately, this is not something we have control over, as each Operating System version of IOS may handle how safari displays the tool bar differently. To do so, users will need to select the AA icon in their toolbar, and select ‘hide toolbar’.




    Reading Planet books can now also be read in landscape mode on IOS and Android mobiles (Chrome is the preferred browser for Android devices). When attempting the quizzes on a mobile phone we would suggest selecting ‘Request Desktop Website’ (or ‘View in Desktop Mode’). Many tablet and mobile phone browsers let you do this, although Microsoft Edge is a free download on Android, iOS and Windows that provides this feature. (Concerned parents can also sign into the Edge browser with a child Microsoft account and enable parental features such as blocking certain sites, or only allow certain sites.)






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