How do I add multiple pupil accounts in bulk?


    Please note, you must be at least a Teacher Admin or the Access Coordinator to add pupils. 

    Once you're in the Admin Hub, select the blue 'Pupils' tab: 


    If you need to add multiple student accounts, you can use our CSV import. Select 'CSV Import' and then 'Download a template'. This will download a template file that you can open up in Excel. Please note that you must use our template - you cannot make up your own version as the upload will not work.

    The below screenshot shows what to put in each column:

    The compulsory ones are: 

    Column A - Action: A for add

    Column C - Type: S for student

    Column D - Username/email: Usernames must be between 6 and 20 characters long, and must be unique. Email addresses can be used, and must also be unique.

    Column E - Password: This field should only be used if you are using usernames, and must be between 6 and 20 characters long. You can use the same password for all students, if you wish. If you are using email addresses, leave this field blank as they will be sent an email to create their own password.

    Column F - First name: the first name of the pupil.

    Column H - Last name; the last name of the pupil.

    Column J - Access to application: Y for Yes to make them active, and so they can log in to My Rising Stars.

    Save the file somewhere you can easily find it again on your computer, and go back to the Admin Hub. Select 'Import CSV' on the 'Pupils' tab, and select the saved template. Then select 'Upload the CSV': 

    Any errors within the file will be reported back to you. 

    If you are using usernames, please note that you will need to give the username, password, and centre ID to your pupils to log into You can find your centre ID in the dropdown by your name in the top right hand corner, or underneath your school name in the Admin Hub:


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