Managing your pupil records: adding, editing, deleting?


    Any approved teacher account can access the Admin Hub when they are logged in: 


    To view pupil records, please ensure you are on the blue 'Pupils' tab: 


    Pupils are grouped into those with and those without access to MARK, on separate tabs. Please note: if a pupil's access is revoked, they will not appear in any marksheets, reports or test assignment screens. However, any reports or results will still be stored in the system in case they are still needed, and can be viewed again if their access is reinstated. 

    Please take a look at our below options for managing your MARK pupil records in Admin Hub. 

    Please note: if you are currently synced with your MIS, take a look at our guidance for managing and amending your records with a sync here

    1. How to add a pupil record manually
    2. How to add pupil records in bulk
    3. How to edit a pupil record
    4. How to edit pupil records in bulk
    5. How to delete a pupil record

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