Inputting marks manually


    To generate your reports, you will need to record the marks that your pupils have scored in your paper-based tests. Any teacher account type can enter marks into marksheets, provided you've set up your year groups, classes and pupils first.

    Populating your marksheets can be done either by importing a CSV file containing their results, or by manually entering their scores directly into the marksheets. 

    To start, select 'Marksheets and Gap Analysis' from the left-hand menu.


    To input the marks manually, select the test your pupils have completed. The below example shows a selection for PIRA: 


    You will then be asked to make various selections to show a particular paper and set of pupils you want to enter marks for. The below shows a selection made for PIRA 1 Autumn, with a Year 1 class called Class 1 - Otters: 


    Your screen will be populated with a list of the pupils that are included in the selected class or group
    and a marking form in which you enter their results: 

    Input the date that the class or group took the test and then each pupil’s results, question-by question.

    Input an ‘n’ (for ‘not attempted’) if the pupil did not answer that question.

    To edit any entry, just click the number and re-enter it. When you get to the end of a row, press ENTER on your keyboard. If all scores have been input for that row, the row entry will turn to bold, and the green boxes will disappear. 


    The individual pupil report will also become instantly available once the row is complete. 


    You may find it useful to also read: Tips and best practices for using marksheets.

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