Populating marksheets by CSV import


    As well as inputting your marks directly into MARK, you can also download a file to your computer that will allow you to enter the marks for your class or group via a spreadsheet. This means you will automatically have a file copy on hand for your own records.

    To get started, open up your marksheet with the correct class, or group that you want to enter the data for, and click the CSV export button in the top right hand corner of the marksheet. 


    Select 1. Export template CSV to download the file: 


    The file is a CSV file that can be opened in any spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel. When you've downloaded and opened it you may want to resize the columns so that you can see all the data. When you save the file, keep the file as a CSV. 

    • The first row contains text that will be used by the importer and should not be
    • The second row contains the column headings and the questions to be marked.

    The subsequent rows are where you enter the pupils' marks. You should enter the date that the pupil took the test and the mark (1 or 0) that was achieved for each question or question part, or 'n' if the question was not attempted.

    The completed CSV should look like this:


    Once you've entered the marks, save the file somewhere you'll easily find it again. 

    To import the file for processing once you've completed it, return to the marksheet you wish to import data for and click on CSV export again. From here you have the option to Upload CSV directly by clicking 2. Choose file, selecting your completed CSV, then 3. Upload CSV.

    Alternatively, return to the Marksheets & GAP Analysis homepage and click CSV import to import multiple completed CSVs for different marksheets: 


    The system will verify the success of your upload for you. 

    You may find it useful to also read: Tips and best practices for using marksheets.

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