How can I edit pupil records in bulk in MARK?


    If you need to edit the details of a large number of pupil records already existing in MARK, we advise using our CSV export function. If you only need to amend a few records, you can amend the records manually, as described here

    Please note: this option is only available to the Access Coordinator and Teacher Admins. 

    Start with an exported CSV for your centre by going into the Admin Hub, then the blue 'Pupils' tab, and selecting 'Export CSV':


    You can choose to export the CSV as is, or to have groups included in the listing if you are using 'Bespoke groups'. Open up your exported CSV. 

    An 'E' for edit should be added to each row that you want to alter in the action column.  You'll also see a User ID for each entry. Keep these IDs exactly as they are, changing only the data you want to alter.

    An example is provided below - we can see that Cindy, Hector and Victor will have any amended details updated during the import, whilst the rows for Tina and Ralph will be ignored. 


    Once you have made any applicable changes, save the amended file to your computer. 

    To upload, when your CSV is ready:

    • Click ‘Import CSV’ in the Admin Hub ‘Students’ tab
    • Use ‘Browse to CSV’ to select your file on your computer
    • Click ‘Open’
    • Click ‘Upload your CSV’

    If any mandatory information is missing a ‘Validation results’ dialog box will appear.

    • Click ‘Download errors CSV’ to get a list of the errors
    • Amend the spreadsheet as necessary and re-upload
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