Creating groups


    This section covers how to create groups using the Admin Hub.

    You can use the 'groups' function within My Rising Stars to organise your pupil accounts into their classes, learning groups, etc. This can make pupils easier to find when you are assigning quizzes, or allocating resources in one go. 

    Any approved teacher account can access the Admin Hub by clicking on the icon in the top right hand corner. 


    To access the groups management area, ensure you are on the orange tab labelled 'Groups':



    The list of groups can be sorted in ASC or DESC order on any column, and the filter pane will help narrow the results.

    To view and manage any group, double-click the group's row.

    To create a new group, ensure you are in the orange 'Groups' tab. Select 'New group':


    Fill in the group name field and optional description. You can also give the group an 'owner', to help identify it later. At this point, you can also start selecting the students you wish to be a part of that group. The dropdown filter and the search bar can be used to help narrow down the list:


    Once you're happy with your group, select 'Save group'. 

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