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    How to move between marksheets easily

    If you're manually inputting data for a few different marksheets, or are looking to export the CSVs to upload the data for a few different marksheets, you don't have to start from scratch on Marksheets & GAP Analysis each time. You can click on the Test name at the top of the marksheet, or the class/group name to make new selections: 




    This may save you time, particularly if you're needing to mark the same paper but with more than one class or group of pupils. 

    How to enter marksheet data

    If you're entering data manually into the marksheets on MARK, we recommend the following method: 

    Enter the date, and then set the first score. After this, you can use the TAB key on your keyboard ( ↹) to quickly move to the next question. When you reach the end of row, press enter. 

    If all the question boxes have had a mark entered, the row should turn to bold, and the green boxes will disappear. A second line of marking will also become available - you will only need to use this if you have the pupil sit the test again and want to enter their marks.

    The individual pupil report button is also activated beside the pupil name, as the below example for the pupil Carmen shows: 


    My pupil still has green boxes/I can't access their reports

    Make sure that there isn't a question box you've missed out - this what the green boxes usually indicate: 


    Once you've entered the marks for any missing boxes, the issue should be resolved. 

    If you are certain the pupil has had marks entered for all question boxes, it's likely that your scores have saved but have not been fully submitted into the system (this can be due to a number of things, such as a loss of internet connection at the time of entering the marks). In this instance, we advise trying the following: 

    • Change the score of the first question to the opposite (e.g. if it is already 0, change it to 1)
    • Press Enter on your keyboard
    • Refresh the page
    • You should now see that the scores have changed to bold, the green boxes have disappeared, and the pupil report button has been made available
    • Return to the first question, and click on it to open up the editing matrix. Change the score back to what it should be. 
    • Press Enter

    The above should resolve the issue. If it does not, please submit a support ticket with our digital support team, specifying the the paper and class/group, and the affected pupil names so that we can look into the issue further. 

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