Managing users with a sync


    Whether you're synced directly with Arbor, or with your MIS via Assembly, you are not able to make manual amendments to your year groups, classes or pupil records. For teachers, you can only make manual amendments to their account type, and their email address - for more detail on this, please see here

    Please note: only the Access Coordinator can access the syncing screens within the School tab within Admin Hub. 

    If you do need to update your year groups, classes, and/or pupil records after you have successfully set up a sync, you can return to the School tab within Admin Hub, and select MIS User Sync: 


    When you first set up the sync, you were restricted to following through the syncing screens step-by-step. If you already have the connection established however, and you only need to make amendments to the class information, you can now simply select that particular tab from the row: 


    Please remember that if you're making any changes to the year group or classes tabs, it's quite likely you will have pupil information that needs updating also and you will thus need to proceed with re-syncing the pupil records also on the next screens. If you only need to re-sync your pupil records without any required changes to year groups or classes, simply select the 'Pupils' tab in the first instance under the 'MIS User sync' tab. 

    What do I do with leavers' records/users who have left the school?

    A sync will only ever add data to MARK - it does not delete it. If a teacher or a pupil leaves the school, their record will become de-synced when they are no longer to be found in your MIS (as there is nothing for the connection to sync to). However, the record will remain in the Admin Hub unless the Access Coordinator chooses to delete them. For guidance on how to delete teachers, please click here. To delete pupils, click here

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