How do pupils complete the task they have been set?


    Please note: Before completing a test we would ask users to check their device setup against our system requirements.

    Once in the 'My Missions/My Books' section, pupils should click on the resource to open it.



    When completing a quiz please check you have answered all of the questions, each question number will turn green once all parts of the question have been answered, and the submit quiz button will be activated.



    Once a quiz/test has been completed for Cracking Comprehension and Achieve the score will show in 'My Achievements' and it will disappear from the 'My Missions' tab:



    For Reading Planet Online books this is slightly different, their score will still appear in 'My Achievements', but pupils will have to select the 'Finished' button for these books to move from their 'My Books', to 'Books I've read' tab:



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