Use Reading Planet Online


    Our Reading Planet Online programme can be used both in the classroom by teachers, and at home by pupils.


    Front of class teaching

    Teachers will be able access everything to do with the individual book on its menu page and launch it from here. 




    The eBooks have a number of tools that are useful for front of class teaching. 



    Setting eBooks for pupils to read individually or at home

    To allow pupils to access the Reading Planet Online eBooks and track their reading progress, teachers can create accounts for their pupils to access both at school, and at home.


    Once pupils have been set with accounts, teachers will need to share the Reading Planet Online library with their pupils accounts. This is done by clicking 'Share' beneath the library and ticking your pupil accounts:



    Once this has been shared, teachers will be able to assign specific books or a group of books to their pupils. This can be done through the advanced search tool, or on the individual book menu page.




    Teachers can then view the books pupils have read and quizzes they have completed through the Reports section.



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