Previewing and assigning tests


    Before assigning tests, your pupil records will need to be set up in MARK. If you need guidance on how to do this, please go here

    Please see the below video with steps on assigning your interactive tests:

    To assign a test to a pupil, group of pupils or class, log into MARK and click on Interactive Tests either on the test logo:



    Or you can select 'Interactive Tests' in the left-hand navigation bar:


    If any interactive tests have been set up in the past, they will be listed here. Select 'Preview and Assign' on the right hand side: 


    You will now be taken to a step-by-step wizard for setting up a test. First, you will be prompted to select the title of the test, and then the specific paper you wish to set:


    Selecting Preview test in a new window will allow you to review all the questions in a test; simply close the window to return to the assigning screen. When previewing a test the time will not be set to the individual test time but an example value.

    Once you've chosen the test and paper, the dialogue will update to show you how many interactive test credits your school has. Please note that these credits can be used by any teacher for that test. If you haven’t got any credits (or need some more) you can click on Buy more credits on the right to be taken to their purchasing pages. 


    If you have enough credits it will prompt you to select which pupils will be taking the test.

    Choose a class or group using the dropdowns, and then select the pupils using the checkboxes. To select everyone on the list, use the Add all the above pupils button. The panel on the right will show you which pupils you have already selected:


    You can remove pupils from the list and you can also assign extra time to individual pupils. It is advisable to only assign to one Class or Group at a time to allow quick access to the marksheets area from this screen (see our article on managing interactive test assignments)

    Please note: if you make a mistake, you will be able to Edit assignment later to either make changes or if no pupils have taken the test, you will also be able to delete the assignment completely. Any unused credits will be returned to your balance if you delete a test or remove pupils from a test.

    After selecting the pupils who will take the test, MARK will ask you to select a date for the test to be available from. It will continue to be available after this date until all pupils have taken the test.

    Once assigned, the dialogue box will close and your test assignment will be created and added to the list.

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