Tips and best practice for CSV uploads


    When uploading your CSV please ensure:

    • You have downloaded the template from the Admin Hub
    • All headers in Row 1 remain unedited
    • All columns with an asterisk have been filled in
    • You have saved this as a ‘.csv’ file before uploading
    • We would also recommend doing multiple uploads, for example one year group/a few classes at a time, this will help you to keep track of uploads and any possible error reports


    When entering your data please ensure the below:

    Column A ‘Action’ - must have either ‘A’ to add new pupils, or ‘E’ to edit existing pupils. This may report are error if the username or email address are already used by a pupil and exist within your Admin Hub.

    Column C ‘User Type’ - must have ‘S’ for student.

    Column D ‘First name’ – must have a pupils first name

    Column F ‘Last name’ – must have a pupils surname

    Column G ‘Date of birth’ – must be entered in the format 00/00/0000

    Column H ‘Gender’ – must enter ‘F’ or ‘M’

    Column K ‘Access to application’ – add a ‘Y’ if you wish to grant access the student access to SNAP or ‘N’ if you would like to add them to your centre’s user database, but without access to SNAP. This may report an error if you have added ‘Y’ or ‘N’ in columns L or M, rather than K.


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