What is MARK Plus?


    What is MARK Plus?


    Gain a deeper insight into your pupil and whole-school performance data and compare against similar schools nationally with MARK Plus; a new and advanced reporting and analytics dashboard available for PiRA, PUMA, GAPS and NTS Assessments.

    • Easily see the percentage and number of pupils in each performance indicator band.
    • Export dynamic and easy-to-understand graphs, data tables and tailored descriptions for school reports.
    • Filter according to subject, year group and class for deeper analysis and to help identify specific areas of focus


    MARK Plus dashboards include:

    • Pupil Performance dashboard
    • Contextual group dashboard
    • Strand Analysis dashboard
    • Similar Schools dashboard
    • Progress Matrix dashboard 


    MARK Plus can be purchased here and it automatically gives you access to MARK (My Assessment and Reporting Kit).


    What is My Assessment and Reporting Kit (MARK)?

    MARK is a powerful online platform that enables you to:

    • input pupil’s scores in the on-screen marksheets
    • view gap analysis to inform teaching
    • generate reports in a few clicks.

    We currently offer marksheets and reports for:

    • PiRAPUMA and GAPS– standardised termly assessments for Reading and Maths Years 1 to 6
    • NTS Assessments – standardised termly National Test-style assessments for Reading and Maths Years 1 to 6
    • Optional Tests – SATs-style whole-curriculum assessments for Reading, GPS and Maths Years 1 to 6
    • Progress Tests – formative half-termly assessments for Reading, GPS and Maths for Years 1 to 6
    • PiRA KS3 and PUMA KS3– standardised termly assessments for Reading and Maths Years 7 to 9.
    • AMT and ART– standardised assessments for both group and individual testing, across a wide age and ability range.

    How can we start using it?

    MARK is completely free and can be accessed by every teacher within your school.  To order MARK, click here if you are a primary school, and here if you are a secondary school. 

    When you go to place your order you will be asked to nominate a member of staff to assume the role of Access Coordinator to complete your order; this is to ensure your children’s data is secure. The Access Coordinator can get your school set up on the site by following a few simple steps and will be able to approve access for teachers so they can enter results and generate reports.

    If you already have a MARK account, you can access MARK directly here (we recommend bookmarking this link if you will be using the site often):



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