Setting up your Wonde connection


    To connect Wellbeing to your MIS (e.g. Capita SIMS, RM Integris, Scholar Pack, etc.) via Wonde, you will need to access the Hodder Education Group Admin Hub as the Access Coordinator.

    The Hodder Education Admin Hub can be accessed via this link. On the log in screen, please enter your Access Coordinator email address and password. Your centre ID is not required.

    Once you have logged in, please select ‘Manage Admin Hub’. If your centre has access to more than one Hodder Education service, you will be asked to select which one you would like to administrate. Please select ‘Wellbeing’: 



    Alternatively, log into Wellbeing directly here, and then open up the Admin Hub by clicking on the green icon in the top right hand corner. The Admin Hub will open in a new window or tab. 

    Select the ‘School’ tab, then select the sub-tab ‘MIS user sync’. Beneath the Wonde logo, select 'Authorise':


    You will then be asked to confirm your school details before submitting the connection request to Wonde: 



    You must then check that the address details returned from Wonde are correct. On clicking 'submit', the request will be made to your Wonde account administrator. 





    Please note that the connection can only be authorised by the Wonde administrator for your school. Our digital support team are unable to make an authorisation for you - if you have any questions about the progress on an authorisation, please speak with your schools Wonde administrator directly.

    If your school is new to Wonde their Support Team will be in touch with the appropriate person at your school to progress. 

    If your Wonde administrator requires guidance on what is required next, please take a look at our guidance for: Authorising the connection for Wonde administrators or get in touch with Wonde on 01638 779 144, or at

    The Wellbeing Access Coordinator will receive an email to when the connection has been successfully authorised and established: 


    Or if it has been rejected, in which case we recommend that you discuss with your Wonde administrator directly to understand why: 


    Once you have received your email confirming the connection approval with Wonde, you will be ready to start and can select 'Start sync' to begin the syncing process:


    You can now move on to: Syncing teachers.


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