Authorising the connection for Wonde administrators


    If you are an existing Wonde administrator, and you have received an email notifying you of a request to connect Wonde to your school's Wellbeing account, then log in with your credentials here:


    Once logged in to your Wonde portal, you can authorise the Hodder Education Group’s Admin Hub application by selecting the Hodder Education tile. If your school hasn’t got an existing account then the Wonde integration team will be in touch shortly to arrange for one to be set up. 


    Once selected, you can choose 'Approve access' or 'Decline access' as applicable. Please note if you choose declined, your school will not be able to sync your Wonde information to your school's Wellbeing account. 


    By selecting ‘Approve access’ you agree to Wonde’s Data Handling Agreement, Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy, as well as Hodder Education Group's Privacy PolicyYou will have the option to toggle off any optional permissions before approving the connection. 

    Once you select ‘Approve access’, Wonde will then conduct an internal audit to ensure the connection is in place and the reports are running correctly.

    If there isn’t an existing Wonde connection at your school, you will be taken to an instruction page. Depending on the MIS your school uses, you may be asked to book an appointment with a member of Wonde’s integration team (these appointments take approximately 15 minutes).

    Once the connection is established, the Wellbeing Access Coordinator will receive an email notifying them of the successful completion. They will then be ready to begin syncing your MIS data with the Wellbeing admin hub, and to move on to: Syncing your teachers

    Access control

    Once your school has approved the connection and we’ve completed our internal audit process (i.e. the connection is in place and the reports are running correctly). You will be able to select the Access Control option which allows you to remove users from the feed (i.e. if a parent doesn’t want their children details being shared with a third party application).


    Deauthorising a connection with Wonde

    Should you wish to deauthorise your connection with Wonde, the Access Coordinator for Wellbeing will need to select ‘Deauthorise’ within the Authorisation screen of Admin Hub, which will disable all syncing of users: 


    The Wonde admin for Wonde will also need to login here:, click on the ‘Hodder Education Group Admin Hub’ tile in the dashboard. Here you will need to click into the permissions area select ‘Revoke’ in the top right-hand corner.


    Only once both steps have been completed, will the data fully stop syncing between your MIS and Wellbeing.  It will not delete anything from your Wellbeing records that had already been imported, nor will it remove the test data that exists against them. 

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