NEW PiRA and PUMA: academic year, class or group reporting


    Academic Year, Class or Group Comparison Report

    This report shows the performance of different groups on a specific test. Use for:

    • Analysis of the performance of specific groups against the class/year as a whole, e.g. Pupil Premium, ethnicity etc.
    • SLT, governor and Ofsted reporting


    The graph compares the standardised scores for each group, split into boys and girls. The summary data for each group shows:

    • The number of pupils in that group
    • Minimum standardised scores of the group
    • Maximum standardised scores of the group
    • Mean standardised scores of the group
    • Mean Hodder Scale score of the group

    The national average standardised scores are also shown for all children.


     Academic Year, Class or Group Listing Report

    This report shows the performance of one group on a specific test, the proportion matching expectations and their average performance by strand. Use for:

    • Planning
    • Pinpointing areas of the curriculum that might need more in-depth teaching or practice, across the class or group



     Summary data includes:

    • The date the test was taken
    • The pupil’s age at the time of the test
    • Reading/Mathematics/GPS age
    • Raw score
    • Standardised score
    • Age-standardised score (not for PUMA 6 Extension)
    • Age-SS Percentile (not for PUMA 6 Extension)
    • The pupil’s raw score by strand out of maximum number of marks  
    • Group averages across all the above

    The charts on the second page show the percentage of pupils in each performance indicator band across the class or group (although not for PUMA 6 Extension) and the average strand performance against the average score received by the standardisation cohort (the national average).

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