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    Course plans are the scheme of work for a given course. They cover topics within a course, with a recommendation for how you might teach them. They provide a suggested order of topics, with suggested resources and notes for your teaching.

    Course plans are customisable, so that you can adjust and edit them to suit your teaching needs. 

    You can access course plans through the home page tile (which shows all course plans your school has access to):


    Or you can access the course plans for a specific course if you're already within a course: 


    You can filter for course plans made by different users: 

    • Original are those made by Hodder Education
    • Personal are those you have made yourself
    • Shared by Me are those you've shared with colleagues
    • Shared with Me are the plans colleagues have shared with you

    Each course plan tile has a label to denote whether they are 'original' or 'personal'. 


    Clicking on a course plan tile will take you to the course plan. The course plan is divided into topics and sub-topics. Lessons, resources and textbook references are provided on the right hand side.

    Hovering and selecting the blue 'table of contents' button lets you move between topics quickly:


    You can edit, copy, share and download a course plan. 


    If you edit an original course plan and save your changes, your edits are saved as a separate file, so you don't need to worry about making a mistake.

    The options for 'share' and 'sharing information' are only available for personal course plans. This is because original course plans are already available to all registered staff members.


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