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    In the top right hand corner of your Boost account, you'll see a menu with a few different icons. Please note: the clipboard is hidden by default. The clipboard icon will not appear in this menu until you have added at least one resource to the clipboard. (For more information on the clipboard please click here)


    Notifications - displays your notification menu for Boost - including updates, reminders, and news.

    Account - takes you to your account settings. 

    Admin Hub - takes you to your schools Admin Hub, where you can manage teacher and student accounts. 

    Help - will take you to this site, to our help documentation and guidance for Boost. 




    This tab will show you the following sub-tabs:

    Updates - notifications about activity updates within Boost, such as when a colleague has shared access to a lesson folder with you, or a student has completed and submitted a knowledge test.

    Reminders - these will provide notifications relating to your subscriptions. For example, a notification will appear when a subscription is due to expire soon, or when you are running low on available allocations for an eBook. 

    News - notifications regarding current promotions and offers on Boost titles, and resource content updates. 

    You can mute these notifications at any time by selecting the cog icon in the top right hand icon, and selecting 'Mute' on the notification type you want to mute:




    When you select the 'Account' icon, you'll see a few options. Selecting 'Log out', which will log you out of your account and take you back to the Boost login page:


    If you select 'My Account', you'll see your account details. Under the 'Edit my details' tab you can change your account details, including your registered email. Under the 'Update password' tab, you can change your password:


    If you select 'Recent activity', you'll see a listing of your recent activity. You can select one of the activities from the list to go to that resource/share:


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