Whitelisting URLs And Troubleshooting

    Some services may be blocked by a schools safeguarding and security system.  However, most schools have in place a process for approving traffic to and from specific sites.  If you are having trouble connecting to, we often recommend working with your IT team to allow network traffic to particular services (known as "whitelisting").



    The following domains are needed to access,  download content and share resources:

    • *
    • *

    However, certain schools may impose a more restricted policy and refuse wildcards (*). In such cases, the following list of URLS would be required to successfully use Eduu School services

    We also recommend that your IT team whitelists the following domains on your mail server:

    • *

    Note: There might be times when new URLs and IP addresses are either added or removed. We will do our best to update this document when there are changes. Please enter a request with any questions or concerns.


    Troubleshooting connection issues:

    Try accessing your account with an incognito window (Chrome) or private window (Firefox).  If you are able to connect and operate the site normally, this is often an indication of a caching issue.  Clear your cookies and cache in a normal browsing window and see if the issue is resolved.  It is often preferential to use an incognito window first, so you can avoid unnecessarily deleting cached login information.

    Try accessing your account with a different browser.  It is not uncommon for some features to work in one browser but not another, but please send us a message so that we can fix the behaviour.  We currently support the following browsers:

    • Google Chrome
    • Mozilla Firefox
    • Apple Safari
    • Microsoft Edge
    • Microsoft Internet Explorer 11

    We do not support Microsoft Internet Explorer 10 or earlier.


    Other Troubleshooting Situations

    Emails from are not received:

    • Check your spam filters to see if the email was blocked.  Most schools will have a process for releasing email from a spam filter, and contact your IT team if there's any confusion.  If the email isn't in your spam filter, your school may be blocking it entirely.  In that case, you may want to ask your IT personnel to whitelist the email addresses listed above.  

    You can browse, but not download or upload content:

    • If you can test downloading on a personal network connection (your home or a phone hotspot), this is often an indication that your school will need to whitelist our services as outlined above.
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