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    You can access your eBooks from the teacher dashboard on the homepage. This will show you all eBooks your school have available, from any course:



    You can also view the eBooks part of a specific course using the eBooks tab:


    Favouriting eBooks

    You can favourite any eBook by selecting the star icon on the eBook tile. There is no limit to how many eBooks you can favourite: 


    To open an eBook, click on the eBook tile. The eBook will open up in a new tab in your browser:


    eBook subscription types

    There are different icons to signify what eBooks you have available.

    If you bought a Boost Core subscription without any extra eBook copies, you will have access to the Teacher-copy only. You cannot share it with students unless you buy extra copies or upgrade to Boost Premium. 

    Teacher-only copies are denoted by the graduation cap icon and label:


    If you bought a Boost Premium subscription, you will have unlimited eBooks. You can share these with as many students as you like.

    Please note: student's access to the eBook lasts for the length of its respective Course subscription. When the course subscription expires, access to that eBook will be revoked.

    Unlimited eBooks are denoted by the crown icon and label:


    If you bought copies of an eBook with your Core Boost subscription, you can give these out to your students.

    Extra eBook copies are denoted by the book icon and label, showing how many you have left:


    Each time you share an eBook with a student, it deducts this from your available total. If you run out, you will need to buy more copies. 

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