How can I edit students accounts in bulk/via CSV export?


    To update student accounts already within the Admin Hub, use our CSV export function.

    Start with an exported CSV for your centre by going into the Admin Hub Pupils section, and clicking on 'Export CSV'. 

    An 'E' for edit should be added to each row that you want to alter in the action column.  You'll see a User ID for each entry. Keep these IDs exactly as they are, changing only the data you want to alter.

    An example is provided below - we can see that the records for Lucy, Rebecca, Emma & Priya will be amended according to any changes made in the file, whilst Mark and Naomi will have their row ignored. 

    If you alter an email address, an email will be sent to the new email address and the database will reflect the change only when it has been verified (i.e. when the student has clicked the link in the activation email).

    Remember that the changes you make will apply to all the Hodder Education Group applications for which the student has access.

    You can also add students to groups on the CSV file at the same time. You can create the name of the group in the CSV file by putting "Group: xxx" in the columns after 'Access to Application' and then a capital Y for all the students who are in this group. Each group will need to be in its own column. Here is an example below: 

    Once you have made any applicable changes, save the amended file to your computer. 

    To upload, when your CSV is ready:

    • Click ‘Import CSV’ in the Admin Hub ‘Students’ tab
    • Use ‘Browse to CSV’ to select your file on your computer
    • Click ‘Open’
    • Click ‘Upload your CSV’

    If any mandatory information is missing a ‘Validation results’ dialog box will appear.

    • Click ‘Download errors CSV’ to get a list of the errors
    • Amend the spreadsheet as necessary and re-upload
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