How do I review or remove shared eBooks?


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    All teachers have access to the teacher-only copy of an eBook. 

    If you've shared an eBook with students, and you want to review or edit who you've shared it with, select this icon on the eBook tile:


    Here you can review who has a copy of the eBook shared with them, and which teacher shared the copy with them. You can also see the expiry date of those allocation in the top right hand corner of the tab: 


    To remove eBooks from a share, select 'View the sharing history'. This will take you to the 'Share Overview' for your school's eBooks: 


    If you select the bin icon, you can delete the entire share - this will revoke access for all students in that share. Please note: this deletion will not be reversible once completed

    If you want to remove a share for specific student, or edit the colleagues cc'ed into the share, select the pen icon:

    mceclip2.pngThe first screen asks if you want to add or remove any colleagues from being cc'ed into the share. This is optional, so you can select 'next' with or without having made any changes:


    On the second screen, you can remove students from the share of the eBook. To remove them, select the 'X' by their name. 

    If you only wanted to add/remove colleagues from being cc'ed into the share, you can leave this screen as they are. 

    Once you are happy with your selections, click 'Done' at the bottom. 


    If you want to share the eBook with more students, you'll need to create a new share. 

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