This article explains everything a user will need to know about Courses within Boost, and the related articles will explore specific actions for Courses: 

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    Boost courses provide you with a bank of ready-made flexible resources, lesson planning tools, self-marking tests and assessment. You can access them by selecting 'Open a course' from the homepage, or from the left-hand side menu:



    The 'Courses' page is divided into three parts: favourites, my Courses (any courses your school has purchased), and all Courses (all courses available to subscribe too on Boost).



    Favourited courses are personal to your account. You only see the courses you have favourited yourself. There is no limit to how many courses you can favourite.

    To add a course to your favourites, select the star icon on the course tile: 


    Your favourited course will then appear at the top, under 'Favourites'. This can be useful if your school subscribes to many Courses on Boost:


    To remove a Course from your favourites, click the star icon again.

    Clicking on a Course will take you into for that Course. 



    The menu at the top of the Course page lets you easily move to a specific part of a Course, e.g. selecting 'eBooks' will take you to the eBook(s) that come as part of the Course package. 



    How to share a course

    All registered staff members can access all Boost courses your school currently subscribes to.

    You may want to share the whole course with students, so that they can access the resources themselves at any time.

    Please note: the students will need to be registered with their own Boost accounts to proceed. 

    1. To share a course with students, select the 'share' icon beside the course information: mceclip0.png

    If you're on the course homepage, you can also do this by selecting the 'share' icon on the course tile: 


    2. Next, review the sharing options before deciding who you want to share the course with. You also leave them blank/at their defaults. When you're ready, select 'next':


    3. Select the students you want to share the course with by selecting the tick-boxes by their name.

    If you've made groups or classes in the Admin Hub, you can also select entire classes or groups under the applicable tab:


    4. When you're ready to proceed, select 'Done'. The students selected will now have access to the course. 

    You can review what you've shared with students at any time by checking the 'Share Overview'. 


    Downloading and uploading resources

    Downloading resources

    1. To download a resource to your device, select the arrow icon on the resource tile: 


    If you're previewing the resource, the download button is also beneath the preview:


    2. The resource will be downloaded to your device. This is usually to your downloads folder, unless you specified another location for the download to be saved to. 


    Uploading resources

    You may want to upload your own resources, to keep all your teaching resources accessible in one place.

    1. To do this, select 'My Resources' on the 'Resources' tab of your course:


    2. Select 'upload resource'. You can now select the file you want to upload: 


    3. You can edit the title of the uploaded resource, and set the type and description. 

    Please note: if you do not set the resource to a Teacher-only resource, students who have access to the course will also have access to that resource.

    If you do not want students to automatically have access to it, set it to Teacher-only: 


    4. Finally, you'll be asked to select at least one topic to map the resource to. 


    5. When you're happy with your choices, select 'save'. 

    Your uploaded resource will appear under 'My Resources'. You can treat it like any other resource, by favouriting it, sharing it with your students, adding it to a lesson and so on:


    You can also find your uploaded resources through the search: 


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