A guide to: knowledge tests


    Boost knowledge tests provide you with a bank of ready-made tests linked to your chosen subject, exam-board, or course.

    You can access them by selecting 'Set a knowledge test' from the homepage, or from the left-hand side menu:



    The 'Knowledge tests' page is divided into two parts: favourites, and all Knowledge tests. 



    Favourited knowledge tests are personal to your account. You only see the knowledge tests you have favourited yourself. There is no limit to how many knowledge tests you can favourite.

    To add a knowledge test to your favourites, select the star icon on the knowledge test tile: 



    You can filter your knowledge tests by subject, exam-board, or course:


    Teachers can also find and favourite knowledge tests from within a particular course:



    Clicking on a knowledge test will open that test:



    Adding a knowledge test to a lesson

    Teachers can choose to add knowledge tests to a lesson alongside other resources. Individual knowledge tests can be added to a lesson directly, or in bulk via your collection.

    Teachers can select a specific knowledge test to add to their lesson, by selecting the add to lesson icon:


    A pop-up then then appear where you have to select the lesson folder, and lesson which this knowledge test will sit:



    Alternatively you can add multiple knowledge tests to a lesson by clicking on the share icon, and selecting 'Add to clipboard':


    From the clipboard you can then add these knowledge tests to your lesson: 


    Sharing a knowledge test

    To share a knowledge test with students, teachers must click on the 'Share' icon found next to the knowledge test, and select 'Share':


    This can also be found when the knowledge test has been opened and view by a teacher:


    Next, choose how you want to share the knowledge test:


    For more guidance on the different sharing methods, please see the below articles:

    You can also review what has been shared when and with who using the 'Share Overview'.

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