Flash update 2021


    What’s happened to Adobe Flash Player?

    Adobe has ended its support and distribution of Flash Player from January 2021. In turn Google, Microsoft and Mozilla have announced that their browsers (Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox) will no longer support Flash from the start of 2021.

    The Flash player is used to present interactive content in some of our older titles and as a result, some of the resources in these subscriptions will be disabled. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.


    How many of my resources will be affected?

    This will depend entirely on the title(s) you subscribe to. In most cases only interactive quizzes which were built using Flash are no longer available, but all other resources (PowerPoints, Word, Excel, pdfs, videos, audio, etc) still function as before.

    Where we have been able to update Flash based resources for the title you subscribe to, we will of course contact you with any additional details you need to know to continue using your subscription.

    Where titles have been superseded by newer editions we will be in contact with you before the end of your current subscription with information about upgrading to the new edition.


    Magazine archives

    Back issues of our Review magazine archives which are over 10 years old were created in Flash and unfortunately are now no longer available. If there is a specific article from a back issue you would like to access, we can supply a hard copy. Please contact magazines@philipallan.co.uk 


    Further help and support

    For more information about Dynamic Learning resources and how to get the most out of your subscription, click here.

    To switch your existing subscription to a new version now, or to discuss a refund for the remainder of your existing subscription, you can contact your local sales consultant here.

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