Switched on Computing


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    Teacher User Guide: Switched on Computing


    Setting quizzes for pupils to complete individually or at home

    1) To allow pupils to access the Switched on Computing quizzes and track their progress, teachers will first need to create accounts for their pupils .


    2) Teachers will next need to share the Switched on Computing resource with their pupils accounts (TIP: if the resource has not been shared with pupils, their assigned quizzes will not appear when they log in). This is done by clicking 'Share' beneath the resource and ticking your pupil accounts:



    3) Teachers will now be able to assign specific quizzes or a group of quizzes to their pupils. This can be done through the advanced search tool, or on the interactive quizzes menu page.



    4) Teachers can then view the quizzes pupils have completed through the Reports section.


    Check our FAQs page for regular trouble shooting questions, please click here.

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